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Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at UC Berkeley's A. Richard Newton Lecture Series // Pandemics necessitate innovation: Dr. Renee Wurth on COVID-19 // 2020

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Harvard School of Public Health // Non-academic career panel speaker // 2019

Harvard School of Public Health // Former Postdoc Panel - Industry & Governmental Agency Experience // 2020


Recent Journalism:


Wurth R. “Community power can boost vaccine uptake”, Nature 2021​

Wurth R. "Retention through reinvention", Linkedin 2021

Wurth R. “Don't believe privilege affects Covid-19 outcomes? Trump is a case in point”, The Guardian 2020

Wurth R, Braxton M, Lee C. “Racism and Covid-19 threaten our health – we can't fight them as separate battles”,The Guardian 2020

Wurth R, Shierholz H, Reich R, Pfeffer J. “When is the right time to reopen the US economy? Our panelists' verdict”, The Guardian 2020

Wurth R. “By all means wear a mask, just don’t think it will make you invincible”, The Guardian 2020

Obradovich N, Wurth R. "Trump thinks he can snap his fingers and reopen the economy. It won't work", The Guardian 2020

Obradovich N, Migliorini R, Wurth R. "The US could see more deaths than WWII. It's time to deploy the military hospitals", The Guardian 202

Wurth R, Obradovich N. “Will American cities have a Wuhan Experience”, The Guardian 2020

Wurth R. "How simple question can help with managing a remote team for the first time", Linkedin 2020

Wurth R. “How stubborn data changed the way we think about money and health” Massive Science 2017

Recent Peer Reviewed Research:

Lessons Learned from Assessing Trustworthy AI in Practice”. Digital Society 2023

Assessing Trustworthy AI in Times of COVID-19”. IEEE 2022

“Co-design of a trustworthy AI system in healthcare: deep learning based skin lesion classifier”. Frontiers in Human Dynamics 2021

“On assessing trustworthy AI in healthcare. Machine learning as a supportive tool to recognize cardiac arrest in emergency calls”. Frontiers in Human Dynamics 2021

“Community power can boost vaccine uptake”. Nature 2021

“Lifestyle Behavioral Factors and Integrative Successful Aging among Puerto Ricans Living in the Mainland United States”. Journal of Gerontology 2020

Meta-omics analysis of elite athletes identifies a performance enhancing microbe that functions via lactate metabolism”. Nature Medicine 2019

A review of maternal prenatal exposures to environmental chemicals and psychosocial stressors—implications for research on perinatal outcomes in the ECHO program”. Journal of Perinatology 2019

Designing and Evaluating mHealth Interventions for Vulnerable Populations: A Systematic Review”. Association for Computer Machinery 2018

 “Fine particle sources and cognitive function in an older Puerto Rican cohort in Greater Boston”. Environmental Epidemiology 2018

Acknowledgement for Statistics Consultation:

"Beliefs and funding of assisted reproductive technology: Public perception of over 6, 000 respondents from 6 European countries". PLoS One 2019

 "Food Insecurity and odds of high allostatic load in Puerto Rican adults: the role of participation in the supplemental nutrition assistance program during 5 years of follow-up" Psychosom Med 2018


SRP Annual Conference on Environmental Health // Water Quality and Equity in California // 2017

2016-09-09 16.03.44.jpg.jpeg

ISEE Conference (Rome)  // Association of Sources of Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) and Cognitive Health within Older Puerto Ricans

// 2016

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NIEHS meeting  // Endocrine disruptors and diet // 2016

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