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Holistic Hiring

The Future of Work is here now. Resumes are a poor distillation of previous experiences and skills -- both of which are also embedded with the racism and sexism present in our society. If we want to improve the experience of job searching and design a future of work that is open and equitable for everyone, we must redesign the hiring system. 

I worked on developing a construct aimed at promoting equitable work promotion and selection. By selecting and measuring work preference features that are neutral in perception and have balanced distribution across demographic features, we can begin to train hiring managers and job recommendation algorithms to optimize for job candidates with attributes that relate to how they enjoy working rather than strictly based on their past privileges. No person is just their past experiences or a list of hard skills, they are a complex mosaic. Understanding who a job candidate is entails knowing the evolving ways they like to work so they can feel accepted by a job on their own terms.



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