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Food Equity

Empowerment for Equal Eating.

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During my fellowship at MIT (2016) I had the opportunity to explore the inequalities that exist in food advertising. Not only are black and hispanic youths more likely to be exposed to unhealthy food advertising, they are also less likely to be shown healthy food advertising. 

I started the Empowerment for Equal Eating campaign, focusing on Boston area black communities,  to try to support the creation of healthy food promotions. The project borrowed from the socio-ecological model, in targeting several different levels (i.e. individual, community, policy) in tandem to attempt to make change in the food advertising landscape. 

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Flier for Empowerment for Equal Eating

Product inclusion for Healthy Foods 

Through my role leading quantitative research at Daily Harvest, I supported the initiative to explore what changes might bring in a more diverse customer base. 

Given the strong emotional relationship people have with food, I chose to explore how that differed between women of different races and ethnicities. I found that there were striking differences in language that resulted in us making updates to our copy guidebook so we could speak to a more diverse audience. 

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