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Office Nutrition

Bon'Ap : better health for better performance

In 2016,  my co-founder, Philippe Brunet and I realized that while there were many companies trying to target delivering meals to office employees, few were trying to help to source and deliver healthy meals and also educate the workforce on how to eat a diet that meats their individual needs. 

So we started Bon'Ap, a company that partnered with local chefs to produce healthy and sustainable meals delivered to employees. We built upon economics research that showed that health changes are more likely to stick when people have some skin in the game so we worked with employers to partly subsidize the meals. Additionally we provided macro and micro nutrient data in the context to each employees metabolic needs, as well as dietary diversity scores, to the employees via our app. Bo'Ap filled a niche and taught me a tremendous amount about quick iterations and the power of customer feedback.

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