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My Impact

Through my roles as Daily Harvest, I worked on both qualitative and quantitative research to solve customer and business needs. I led one project from idea to deployment which utilized both skills. We knew customers were choosing Daily Harvest to increase the fruits and vegetables they ate, but they weren't sure of the magnitude of impact their purchases were having on their bodies and the planet. I surveyed and interviewed customers to build out the specifications and user interaction for the My Impact feature --- something that brought joy and increased purchases to the customer base. 


Connecting customer voice to supply chain.

Daily Harvest had a goal to have all orders delivered one time and in full, which meant reducing delays, damages and melted food. The problem was that it was difficult to monitor if there were damages or melted items since this required customer feedback, resulting in these numbers being internally reported as lower than we knew they were. I developed a survey to collect the prevalence of melts and damages as well as to understand customer's impression of their deliveries. This led to the collaborative development of a text message feedback loop so that we could proactively collect information on the food delivery experience, including a more accurate measure of damages and melts. It opened a door to hearing about customer issues and enabled quick resolution so that this feature had the benefit of reducing churn as well. feedback message.png
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