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Tweeting science.

Science is often presented as enigmatic, intimidating people who might benefit and join in the effort to learn more and improve the world.  The need for inclusivity and openness in science is of upmost importance.

This is why the lead singer of Passion Pit, Michael Angelakos, recruited me and two other scientists to take over his massive twitter platform to field questions about our research and science. I stayed up all night answering wide ranging questions and allowing each person to feel heard and comfortable to be vulnerable and honest in their questions. 


Scientific Journalism.

The academic publication system is broken, with high costs prohibiting most outside of academia from having access to publicly funded research. This makes it all the more vital for scientists to learn how to translate their research to a wider audience. I have been working on my ability to communicate science via articles in widely circulated publications, such as the Guardian (a list can be viewed on the site by clicking here).

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